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"We are all Edward Hopper paintings now: is he the artist of the coronavirus age?" article in The Guardian

Interesting brief critique of Hopper's work by Tim Miller, author of "The Lonely Young & the Lonely Old" a collection of short stories

Dr Hannah Roxburgh a very watchable video detailing Hopper's life and the scenes that captivated him

Short video exploring the physical aspects of Hopper's paintings through investigation of Nighthawks

Link to Amazon.  List of films about the artist: “La Toile Blanche de Edward Hopper” (Edward Hopper and the Blank Canvas) directed by Jean-Pierre Devillers; “Hopper’s Silence” a documentary directed by Brian O'Doherty, who knew Hopper and his wife Jo; “Edward Hopper,” a documentary which uses archival photos and footage of locations painted by Hopper. article "So inspired was filmmaker Gustav Deutsch by Hopper's unique vision of midcentury America that he recreated 13 of the painter's works for the big screen."

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