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Good article. "An Artist Outraged: The Abu Ghraib Paintings of Fernando Botero"

Short video in which the life and career of Botero is discussed by his son Juan Carlos Botero.

Link to official trailer for film BOTERO. "...a poetic behind-the-scenes chronicle of the life and art of Fernando Botero, an intensely private painter and sculptor. Viewers will be inspired to see Botero’s commitment to a unique artistic vision. Follow his rise from provincial Colombia to become 'the Maestro" still active in his studio at 86 years old. The film was shot in 10 cities in China, Colombia, France, Italy, Monaco and the U.S."

The book "Botero Abu Ghraib" compiles all of Botero's paintings in this series. Link to, a good place to compare online book prices.


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