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Watch this space for NEW Activist Art

"Super Supper" is by RON ENGLISH, a recognizable and prolific artist. He coined the term POPANGDA, to describe his own “signature mash-up style of high and low cultural touchstones.” He frequently uses pop culture characters/icons (often Disney characters) perhaps to indicate American consumerism. According to "English came up with his most popular character, the fat Ronald MacDonald mascot he calls MC Supersized for Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 Supersize Me documentary." As English says "Whoever plays the McDonald’s clown is not allowed to eat McDonald’s food. It’s like when Marlboro Man got emphysema, the new Marlboro Man was not allowed to smoke; it’s the same issue here. So MC Supersized is kind of like my take on What would Ronald McDonald look like if he actually ate at McDonald’s?"

With our eyes open, we can change the world

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