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"Cleaning the Drapes" is one of twenty pieces from MARTHA ROSLER's series "House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home" (1967-72) created during, and influenced by, the Vietnam War. According to The Art Story, an internet compendium of modern art, "It was the first war in history that was literally brought into the homes of American people through the revolutionary new television set from which its horrors could be witnessed daily. It was often described as a 'living room war' - a description loaded with strange poignancy as it shined a light on the eeriness of a nation living their everyday lives."

From "The Art Story" site. A brief description of Rosler's works and career thus far.

A recent interview of Rosler by PIN-UP

Link to Smithsonian American Art Museum exhibit "Artists Respond: American Art and the Vietnam War, 1965-1975." Site includes an article and two videos. The video is described "SAAM hosted a day of lectures and conversations from leading experts and artists inspired by the exhibition. In the morning session, a distinguished group of scholars offered insight into the intersection between the Vietnam War and contemporary art practices in the United States. During the afternoon session, two panels of artists reflected on their experience of the Vietnam War as creators and, in many cases, as activists."

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