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This video made is by and for ARTICULATE a site whose mission is to "Explore how great creative thinkers help us understand our world." This episode, "The Last Refuge? Unconditional love of country can be blinding. But artists find ways to express patriotism with eyes wide open." features D'Antuono and two other artists. A complete transcript can be found at the end of the page. 

In this video Michael D'Antuono talks about his art and energy independence at the art exhibition "Petroleum Paradox." 

D'Antuono created this video "Can Art Inspire Change?" As he says "In today's political environment, there are those who consider dissent unpatriotic. This video clip is focuses on the artist' role in influencing policy and social change."

Harper's Magazine published "Martyr Complex" described as being "emails received by Michael D’Antuono in response to his painting The Truth, which depicts President Barack Obama in a crucifixion-like pose and wearing a crown of thorns. D’Antuono originally planned to show the painting in New York City in 2009, but after receiving more than 4,000 emails about the work, he canceled the exhibition. The Truth appeared publicly for the first time last October (2012)."

With our eyes open, we can change the world

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