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From the Founder:

It seems appropriate to explain how ArtistsAsActivists came to be. 

I have experimented with creative ways to change the world. For a long time, and when paper money was prevalent, I wrote "peace starts with you" on every bill I used. And I have worn a polar bear suit while holding a sign "polar bears believe in science" at various political events. I sincerely believe that you can change the world around you, b

In 2019, I created my first peice of activist art with a collaborator who felt similarly passionate about a recent event. After venting our frustration we realized our need to express this anger through art. So we brainstormed, designed and created a large-scale piece. Though the the process of making the piece was somewhat satisfying, it became clear that we wanted people to see it. After all, we thought that the social issue at hand was an important one, and that it needed to be kept alive in the mhuman consciousness. But how? It turned out to very difficult. We looked for venues, exhivitions, or, just places to hang this 2-D piece. What about getting a photo of itpublished in an online magazine? I was surprised and saddened to discover how diffitlt this was. ade this piece because of a need to express anger and frustration, we wanted it to be seen, to keep this issue in the pubic eye. But about the recent event, I also made it to be seen. But when we looked for venues, or exhibitions, or just places to hang it, I was surprised and saddened to  findd only a few. Where does art about social issues go? Who sees it? How can it effect change or raise awareness if no one sees it? *

* I was ultimately able to hang the poster in the Fletch3r Exhibit at the Reece Museum in Tennessee. This exhibition is an impressive annual event sponsored by put together by...

At the bottom of each Gallery page, there's a link to the artist's webpage. Click on "Learn More" to find extensive information including reference articles, videos, reviews. It is my hope that you can use this website as a resource. See artwork you find intriguing, discover artists who illicit an emotional response, read something interesting, learn something new.


And above all, I hope that you experience a greater interest in the world around you, or see a familiar social issue in a different light. And then, perhaps, invite those around to to do the same...

A promoter and advocate of activist art. Fine artist, former adjunct professor of narrative art at 4-year art college, active in arts organizations in major city. Former advertising executive for Fortune 500 companies.

In 2019, Earth Day original organizer Denis Hayes appeared in DC at the National Press Club to announce the launch the Earth Day as a global organization, mobilizing 200 million people in 141 countries.

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With our eyes open, we can change the world...

The opposite of love

is not hate,

it's indifference.

The opposite of art

is not ugliness,

it's indifference...