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These images capture what have been referred to as a living statues -- real people who in this case are covered in gold. On the right is a vignette of an incident as reported in the Washington Post: “President Trump wanted to create an iconic moment… Federal authorities forcibly removed peaceful BLM protesters… the president emerged…to pose for pictures holding a Bible in front of a historical church.” The left-hand piece is entitled "I wish her well frankly" a quote from Trump about Jeffrey Epstein's reported accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. An impersonator kneeling in prayer is juxtaposed with a photo of Trump standing with both of them. Bryan Buckley (well-known commercial and documentary director) is credited for the organization Trump Statue Initiative who briefly mounted these and others in Washington DC and other large cities. As he states, “I felt like the best thing we could do was to create these very honest statues of the legacy Trump’s living right now.”

With our eyes open, we can change the world

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