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With our eyes open, we can change the world

Presentation Includes:

From performance art by Yoko Ono to street art by Banksy, from Keith Haring’s playful paintings to Picasso’s Guernica, artists have used their work to shed light on social issues and as calls-to-action.

"Exploring and Understanding Activist Art"

Any schools, organizations, or groups (your friends?) who would be interested...

About the Speaker

As a promoter and advocate of activist art to raise awareness, stimulate dialogue, and therefore as a vehicle for change, Lynden Cline is the founder and curator of Artists As Activists

In addition, a brief introduction to Artists As Activists -- the mission, the features, the mechanics and the benefits of the organization will be covered.

  • A collection of historic and current activist art

  • Forms and treatments found in activist art: literal, humorous / ironic, interactive, multifaceted, in a series, iconic

  • The creation of activist art using visual inspiration, metaphor, appropriation

  • The process of creating activist art: connecting / reacting, analyzing / reading

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